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This is just a sample of the full timeline.
Please note that not everything here is to be common knowledge. Major and recent world events would be common knowledge, but obscure things about the beginnings of some of the clans and pretty much anything having to do with Lavos and Zeal are not very well, if hardly at all, known. This is provided predominately for reference, and this is only a sample of the larger timeline that has been mapped. Other events can and will be discovered through playing through the game and talking with mobs.

Pre History
-The world is in early stage
-Beasts and other creatures roam about
-Reptites first appear
-Early signs of Reptite civilization

-First signs of Early Humans
-Reptites and Early Humans begin competing for resources
-First signs of three very powerful goddesses
-Reptites and Early Humans begin conflicting
-Red star appears in night time sky
-Reptites make observations about goddesses - seems they are in balance and
constant flux of elemental properties, each taking on two elemental properties
at a time

Era 1
***E1|1 (4,000,000bE4):
-Red star visible in the day time sky, Early Humans take notice, and make
drawings... History begins
-The three goddesses begin conflicting, numerous elemental disturbances recorded
by Early Humans and Reptites
-Reptites discover the existence of the Elemental Crystals, begins search
-Many disappearances of Early Humans are recorded
-Reptites find an Earth Crystal with the beginnings of the Elven race who have
seemingly been greatly transformed by the crystal, Forest Maze appears shortly
-Elves continue to revere and worship the planet and while unable to use magic,
they exhibit innate traits that relate to their surroundings
-Reptites take note of strange magic beings (Esper types)

***E1|1,000,000 (3,000,000bE4):
-Early Humans begin turning toward acknowledgement and worship of elemental
beings (Espers)

***E1|2,000,000 (2,000,000bE4):
-The first Lunar Cry is observed, followed shortly after large chunks of
meteorites landing on the planet
-The Lunarians make their home on Dissidia's moon, after their home planet was
destroyed by Lavos
-Some Espers begin taking mortal lovers, resulting in the birth of the
Half-Esper/Cetra race

***E1|3,000,000 (1,000,000bE4):
-Lavos falls, destroying the Tyrano lair and burying himself, the Tyrano Lair,
and the Dark Crystal of Fire and Earth deep within the ground, the resulting
impact of Lavos combined with the sudden burial of the Dark Crystal of Earth
causes the continents to begin to shift and break apart
-Many Espers find themselves drastically reduced in power. It is theorized the
planet begins the formation of the Weapons as a defense mechanism

Era 2
***E2|1 (500,000bE4):
-The planet cools and the Ice Age begins, Reptites begin dying off

***E2|250,000 (250,000bE4):
-Many Cetra migrate to the wound left by Lavos, channeling their power to try to
help heal the planet; the forgotten city is founded
-The Reptites are considered all but extinct, some manage to find a small pocket
of warm earth (the region around Mount Pyre) to survive, the cool climate
gives rise to the first Ronso and short, stout humans (Dwarves)
-A creature comes out of the northern crater, the Cetra dub it Jenova, or the
Calamity from the Skies. They consider it the creature that came from the sky
despite it merely being a fraction of Lavos
-The Cetra population begins to die off, Jenova is discovered as the culprit,
it's defeated partly by the Cetra willingly turning themselves to stone fayth to
give the survivors the means to summon, but the Cetra population is
irreversibly damaged and is considered all but extinct. Some remaining Espers
continue to breed with Early Humans, but more and more they begin to isolate

***E2|400,000 (100,000bE4):
-The dwarves begin discovering valuable resources that have surfaced from the
northern crater, Early Humans and dwarves alike flock to the area and
eventually unearth the Frozen Flame. Within only a few generations, true use
of magic is observed in some humans

***E2|485,000 (15,000bE4):
-Quick evolutionary changes sees the Early Humans give way to what will be
considered modern humans
-A tribe of Elves seek out the Frozen Flame and become able to manipulate magic
at a higher rate than the Early Humans, they create intelligent mammals' first
-The Reptites, calling themselves Dragonians, begin building an immense compound
within the inner walls of Mt. Pyre they call Fort Dragonia
-The sun stone is discovered, within a few generations, this tribe of Elves no
longer consider themselves the same race as the others. The nature of the
elemental star and the triangles of chaos and order are formed
-A large section of land is observed rising into the sky, the Kingdom of Zeal is
-Out of the snowy white fields of the land, small white creatures are first
observed (Moogles)

***E2|490,000 (10,000bE4):
-The ocean palace is completed, Lavos awakens and Zeal is mostly destroyed. in
the aftermath of Lavos awakening, the first lycanthropes appear as another
defense mechanism from the planet (in addition to Weapon)

***E2|492,000 (8,000bE4):
-The thawing of the ice leads the Dwarves deeper into the Northern Crater, where
they discover a vast and largely uninhabited Underworld, likely created partly
due to the sudden injection of the Dark Earth and Fire Crystals into the belly
of the planet

***E2|496,000 (4,000bE4):
-The Ice Age officially ends

***E2|498,500 (1,500bE4):
-Not content guarding a site that may never see conflict, a powerful Esper named
Odin creates one of the world's first Kingdoms
-A Human settlement at the base of a mountain range is dubbed Narshe

***E2|498,600 (1,400bE4):
-The great Kingdom under the rule of Odin reaches its zenith amid growing
tensions between humans and Espers over the "magicite" issue
-A group of nomads settle in one location, and after many of them vanish, a lone
knight steps up to lead these lawless people. He trains them in the notions
of honor and the ways of the knight and leads them to fight off the aggressors
(attacks from the Beast Kingdom). Upon his death, his pupil and his people
form a small settlement in what will become the Baronian Kingdom (they will
remain relatively isolated from the events happening with the War of the Magi)
-The descendants of the Zeal nomads gravitate toward the region of Baron

***E2|498,700 (1,300bE4):
-The first clashes in the soon to be dubbed War of the Magi occur as Odin's
kingdom defends a group of Espers from nearby humans
-The small Baronian settlement completes Baron Castle
-The War of the Magi spills out from a local conflict of Odin's kingdom out to
the Narshe region, as Espers guarding the magical goddesses and miners from
Narshe clash
-Humans and a small amount of Cetra flee for the cliff side dwellings nearby the
site of Odin's kingdom and the new group dub the place Cosmo Canyon
-As a result of the growing conflict, many humans from Narshe create a military
encampment not far from Narshe, they dub this camp Vector and begin more
aggressive experimentation into infusing regular, non magic using Humans, with
magic through use of magicite. These new warriors are dubbed Magi Knights
-Upon realizing what the war was costing the planet, the Espers retreat to their
original settlement, using their magic and the magic of the goddess statues to
seal themselves away from the rest of the world, ending the War of the Magi
-The remaining descendants of Zeal gather together near Baron. The first leader
of this group takes the name Guardia, a representation of the attempt to be the
Guardians of peace. A castle begins being built on the otherside of a forest

Era 3
***E3|1 (997bE4):
-As a result of the sudden end of the war, many remaining Cetra and Magi Knights
take great pains to hide their magical nature. Magic use among the general
population is still very limited
-After generations of struggle, the Town of Baron is stable and begins to thrive
-A small group of nearby Human nomads settle the desert around the site of the
War of the Magi. Particularly distrustful of magic as a result of having so
closely witnessed the events of the war, they largely swear off the mystic arts
in favor of technology
-Guardia Castle is complete while others begin settling the otherside of the

***E3|200 (797bE4):
-Technological advancements begin to speed up, as much of society begins to
rebuild itself after the devastating events of the war. Coal emerges as the
dominant energy source of the world, and the leading coal mine is established
in the Corel Mountains
-A town on the otherside of Guardia Forest takes hold. The Guardia Kingdom is
officially recognized

***E3|400 (597bE4):
-Vector begins to transform from a military encampment to a fortified castle
-In the forests south of Guardia and Baron, many of the sentient beasts of the
fields and forests begin to gather and organize, calling themselves the

***E3|600 (397bE4):
-With Guardia's focus on other events, the Mystics launch an offensive on
Guardia led by their new charismatic leader, Magus. The war lasts several
years, but after a series of unexpected setbacks, including the appearance of
a group of oddly dressed travellers, culminating in the disappearance of Magus,
the war ends in Guardia's favor. At the time, it called the Mystic War,
although it will be later known as the Second Mystic War. Many of the beasts
are scattered, although the identity of being a "mystic" continues to live on

***E3|700 (297bE4):
-As demand for coal rises and technology advances at a previously unforeseen
rate, many more Human settlements and kingdoms begin to form

***E3|750 (247bE4):
-Vector annexes Narshe officially after a coal mine is discovered, marking the
beginning of The Empire
-With Shin-Ra still the world leader in providing coal/energy to the world, the
profits from this results in them taking over the nearby fishing village of
Junon and begin to construct offices above it
-The second Lunar Cry occurs, the Lunarians seemingly awaken and take a renewed
interest in the world

***E3|850 (147bE4):
-The Kingdom of Baron invents the airship
-Shin-Ra reports a loss in revenue from coal, as Narshe begins yielding more
coal than the Corel Mines, Shin-Ra begins looking elsewhere for an alternative
energy source

***E3|875 (125bE4):
-The area eventually known as the Trade Isles begins to become settled, as small
towns begin to form on the outer islands

***E3|900 (97bE4):
-Mako is deemed an incredible and unique success and as Shin-Ra begins to
recapture its lead in providing energy to the world, they begin researching
other areas for reserves of Mako and build the underwater reactor off the
coast of Junon
-The center island of the Trade Isles becomes increasingly inhabited, and the
ground is broken on what will become Viper Manor, named after a powerful
independent general named Lord Viper

***E3|920 (77bE4):
-Baron's King is replaced by Golbez
-Gestahl becomes Emperor of the Empire
-The first trains are built
-Empire begins excavating the northern continent and the region west of Narshe,
as rumblings of Shin-Ra's dominance in the energy sector increase and potent
energy coming from those regions have been discovered

***E3|930 (67bE4):
-Baron invades Mysidia for their Fire Crystal
-A small port town called Termina is formed in the center island of the world
-King Guardia XXXIII grows ever more concerned for his unruly daughter, the
next in line for the throne. Several bouts of drama surrounding her occur,
including a prolonged disappearance during which the pendant that has been
passed down from as long as their oral tradition existed is lost

***E3|935 (62bE4):
-Gestahl discovers the gateway to the Esper World and kidnaps a large number of
Espers and the offspring of an Esper and Human
-After the return and marriage of King Guardia XXXIII's daughter, he passes and
the Kingdom is passed down to Crono and Marle

***E3|940 (57bE4):
-Cecil breaks away from Baron over concerns of their new direction
-Baron invades Cleyra for the Earth Crystal
-Lord Viper II takes control of a group of fighters in the center region of the
Trade Isles, the manor is dubbed Viper Manor upon its completion, and the
Acacia Dragoons are formed. Other advances in the region continue and the
small towns begin to gain prominence in trade and travel
-Unable to locate the Air Crystal, Baron discovers the existence of the
Underground crystals and advances into that region

***E3|948 (49bE4):
-The first sentient Robots are built by Shin-Ra to aid in construction of Midgar
after three of the Mako reactors lining Midgar are complete
-A group of resistance fighters emerge called the Returners, who are seeking to
take down the Empire
-The truth about the replacement of Baron's king is discovered, Cecil and co.
discover an airship capable of reaching the moon, and as a result, the
Lunarians are discovered
-Baron attacks Guardia, finding little difficulty in recruitment for this
effort as numerous entities calling themselves Mystics were eager for the

***E3|952 (45bE4):
-Crono and Marle manage to thwart and hold defense of its territory against
the threat of the Baron Mystics
-Construction on the center part of Midgar is complete, Shin-Ra moves their
headquarters to the large tower at the heart of the city
-The final confrontation between Cecil and Zeromus occurs on the moon, Cecil is
declared King of Baron. The Earth Crystal is returned to Cleyra while the
Water Crystal is returned to the Worus/Toroia alliance. The Fire Crystal is
said to have been hidden away, with rumors circulate as to the Phoenix itself
being involved
-Empire constructs the first of their MagiTek, annexes Albrook and Figaro, then
shortly after war officially breaks out between the Returners and the Empire
-An Imperial General, Jay, welcomes his daughter Rasha into the world

***E3|957 (40bE4):
-Midgar is complete, construction begins in Junon to transform it into more of a
military compound, Shin-Ra begins preparing a village outside of Timber for
their own attempt to reach the moon as a result of the events surrounding
-The home continent of the Empire is broken in two as Kefka and Gestahl use the
power of the magical goddess statues to raise the area that housed the Esper
realm. Kefka betrays Gestahl, and in the midst of trying to unalign the
goddess statues, much of the area under the floating continent is severely
damaged. The returners arrive just in time to defeat Kefka before the
devastation reaches much further and before he had time to fully absorb their
-In the months following the near destruction of The Empire, a soldier by the
name of Jay rises to reunite the Empire, and in the tradition of the honorable
General Leo, Jay swears off the evils of its former ways, establishes the
Senate to serve as a check against the powers of the Emperor, and declares
magic a taboo in an attempt to try to reconcile with their past deeds. Other
Imperial soldiers who also had qualms about the Empire's expansion, such as
one by the name of Meuh, volunteer their services to the new outlook of the
Empire, and help restructure the military
-After a 20+ year reign, Crono and Marle step down to the next generation, the
new King calling himself Guardia XXXV

***E3|960 (37bE4):
-The third Lunar Cry occurs as a force of monsters from the moon, led by
Rubicant, descend onto the planet, planning their attack on Baron and Cecil.
This army led by the Four Fiends begin recruiting and training the remainder
of the Mystics from the area south of Baron and Guardia

***E3|965 (32bE4):
-While all eyes were on the Empire's state of affairs, Rubicant and his army
seize this opportunity to attack Baron, engaging into a lengthy conflict that
is quickly dubbed the Second Mystic War. Armed with a combination of monsters
from the Moon and the Mystics that had settled the forest and fields around
Karnak, the Second Mystic Army quickly take control of Karnak. Magus and
his Mystics are exhalted as heros
-A group of terrorists begin attacking Shin-Ra over its use of Mako as Shin-Ra
continues to divert resources into the northern continent, they reveal
themselves as being called AVALANCHE

***E3|970 (27bE4):
-Emperor Jay welcomes the Al-Bhed into the Empire, which sees a mass migration
of Al-Bhed into the Empire's territory. Without the interference of Shin-Ra
due to the events surrounding AVALANCHE's attacks and the Sephiroth chaos,
and with the influence of the Al-Bhed, Empire lays claim to Figaro once more
and the surrounding areas (once inhabited by the Al-Bhed) including Burmecia
-With word spread around the globe of Seymour's actions, the religion of Yevon
sees a sharp decline in prominence
-After several years of conflict and vast casualties on both sides, Cecil and
Rubicant finally call a cease fire with the aid of the Guardian Kingdom.
After much discussion and compromise, Baron officially recognizes the Mystics
as a people deserving of territory and respect. All territory south of the
Zenan Bridge is considered territory of the Mystics, but still under the
protection and rule of Baron. Rubicant is welcomed into the house of Baron
and is proclaimed Viceroy of Karnak and given second in command duties over
the Baron military. In honor of truce, Guardia renames the town on the other
side of the forest Truce. Shortly after, Rubicant takes a wife in the form
of a Cetra named Diasa. The two birth a daughter named Victoria. The Mystics
have a safe haven for the first time in their existence, but still many are
not content, feeling that the end fell far short of the goal of domination of
the northern Humans

***E3|973 (24bE4):
-Shin-Ra and AVALANCHE have their final confrontation with one another and
Sephiroth at the Northern Crater. Sephiroth is defeated upon trying to summon
Meteor, at which point a large gust of lifestream energy erupts from the
crater, releasing numerous ancient beasts called Weapons and resulting in the
disappearance of every member of AVALANCHE and much of Shin-Ra's upper
management. Rufus' younger brother, Virgil, is installed as the new President
of Shin-Ra
-Emperor Jay's daughter Rasha marries the older General Meuh, whose Al-Bhed
lineage signals the race becoming a more integral part of the Empire. Old
MagiTek units are retrofitted to use technology in place of magic, leading to
the advent of the Machi Tek armor. With little Shin-Ra resistance, Empire
takes control of the Bone Village excavation site once again

***E3|976 (21bE4):
-In retaliation of Baron's annexation of Balamb and in an attempt to show the
world that Shin-Ra has not lost it's prominence, a surprise attack is
launched on Baron, killing Cecil. This provokes a severe and swift response
by Baron, now led by Rubicant, who immediately launches a devastating attack
on Midgar. Victoria is deeply affected by the loss of one of her great idols
in Cecil
-Virgil increasingly proves to be a chaotic element for Shin-Ra, whose board
had sought to easily control him

***E3|978 (19bE4):
-Emperor Jay announces his intent to retire, the Senate unanimously accepts his
request that his daughter Rasha and her husband Meuh become the new Empress
and Emperor of Empire. With an Al-Bhed now at the helm of the Empire, it is
officially re-christened the Al-Bhed Empire.
-Rubicant launches an attack on Midgar in retaliation of Cecil's death. His
airship explodes and Rubicant is never seen from again. Diasa briefly tries
her hand at ruling Baron before finally fleeing admist growing unrest and chaos
that is taking hold. King Guardia XXXV opens his arms to Diasa and her young
daughter, Victoria

***E3|980 (17bE4)
-Diasa falls ill and enters a coma, Victoria, now 10 years old and effectively
oprhaned, is welcomed into the Guardian Royal family. Lacking an heir, King
Guardia XXXV officially adopts her and makes her his heir. In the years
following, Victoria insists on joining the ranks of the Guardian military
-Al-Bhed Empire builds Free City Maia east of Vector, eyes expansion further south
as a growing desire to return the Empire to it's glory days as an expanionist
world power is taking root within its borders

***E3|985 (12bE4):
-Lord Viper III retires to an undisclosed location. Lord Viper IV takes control
of the Acacia Dragoons and leads them on numerous humanitarian missions while
continually showing the world their strength
-After years of watching the presidents of Shin-Ra bungle through scandal after
scandal and ever-growing Trade War, Aleksei, a long time advisor to Shin-Ra,
steps up and takes the Presidency without much of a struggle. Virgil is sent
on an 'extended leave of absence'
-The Empire forcefully annexes Burmecia, sparking widespread concern

***E3|990 (7bE4):
-After about a decade rare calm of no war or impending disaster, tensions begin
to grow among the new leadership of the Al-Bhed Empire, Shin-Ra, and the ever
fluctuating and increasingly unpredictable Baron
-Victoria ascends to the leadership of the Knights of Square Table, officially
becoming the Knight Captain, a position once held by the legendary Cyrus
-Shin-Ra and Empire begin clashing over Bone Village while Baron tries to take
Albrook. War erupts as Empire begins to very forefully quell any internal

***E3|994 (3bE4):
-After years of fighting, the conflict is dubbed The Trade War
-The Empire is clear on their intent to continue to expand their territory by
any means necessary. The Al-Bhed seem to have injected a bit of a bitter
sentiment, only adding to the desire to take territory. Accusations of
severe government oppression circulate
-The Acacia Dragoons involve themself in the conflict, serving as protection for
innocents. Any attempts at bringing the war to the Trade Isles are quickly
and effectively stopped by the Dragoons
-An ailing King Guardia XXXV looks to see his adopted daughter, after her many
years of service in the Guardian military, finally put to rest the demons of
her past. To cement both his legacy and to finally bring closure to the
tragedies of her childhood, Victoria is sent to Baron to reclaim her rightful
place at its throne. After twearing a swath through Baron, deposing the
false king and his court, Baron and Guardia are officially merged into one
kingdom under the banner of Guardia

***E3|996 (1bE4):
-Victoria becomes Queen of Guardia after King Guardia XXXV, after nearly 40
years on the throne, finally succumbs to old age. Her first act as Queen is
to begin to withdraw Guardia and Baron's forces from the Trade War

***E3|997 (0bE4):
-The Acacian Dragoons, under the leadership of Lord Viper IV, are instrumental
in ending The Trade War. The Treaty of Acacia is signed, the Trade Isles are
officially dubbed as such and recognized as a safe zone. Each Government is
awarded a representative city on the Trade Isles, as such Guardia retains
Nikeah through Baron, Balamb is given back to Shin-Ra, and Empire retains
Albrook. The dispute over Bone Village falls in Empire's favor, while they
also retain much of the desert region around and including Figaro. Shin-Ra,
apart from gaining back Balamb, also retain Midgar, the Junon region, and its
connecting Costa del Sol. Cosmo Canyon is deemed a permanent neutral zone.
Guardia retains all territory on its main continent as well as the Mysidia
and Mist regions, and other occupied territory from before is released back
to its original governors

Era 4
***E4|1 (2 years ago):
-The end of the Trade War and the signing of the Treaty of Acacia marks a global
recognition of a new era
-With the threat of war no longer a concern, the Al-Bhed Empire begins exploring
the region across the sea just east of Vector further south, establishing the
Sand City Sultan and setting up a base camp south of that
-Guardia cements its control over the outerlying Baronian regions, doing what it
can to appease the Mystic presence in its southern borders. The ascension of
Rubicant's daughter to the throne gives many Mystics hope of a new era, with
a small religion even forming around her. Still, many Mystics are still
bitter, many considering Rubicant to be a traitor to the cause
-Concerns arise over the aging Al-Bhed Emperor Meuh's health as the years worth
of war seems to have taken a toll on his health

***E4|2 (1 year ago):
-Shin-Ra helps finish the completion of the Trade Isle Chocobo Racing Track

***E4|3 (present)

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