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Interested in building? Well, this is the basics of what we are looking for, and a little bit about the MUD:

We are Diku/Merc/ROM based with standard OLC with O/R/Mprogs. The OLC and Programs have had some very interesting and useful modifications, as I move more from building toward coding, I've been particularly vigilant in adding and changing things that make the building experience more enjoyable.

We are Final Fantasy based, with some very significant influences from the Chrono Trigger/Cross series, along with some influences from the Seiken Densetsu series (Secret of Mana). While we are quite noticable in our dedication to the theme, it is very important to note that we aren't so focused on the theme that we are trying to cram everything Final Fantasy into one place. Our first and foremost concern is to make the best MUD we can, by focusing on having a cohesive, sensible world with plenty of unique and interesting gameplay additions. We have many things fans from the series will recongize, and we have many things that we have added as to enhance the overall quality of the MUD. We don't add something simply because it was in Final Fantasy, nor do we disregard an idea because it wasn't in the games.

We pride ourselves on our area quality, with a particular focus on making areas that will be very familiar to fans of the series, but still enriching and interesting for those who have never picked up a Final Fantasy. In fact, one of our main goals is to make a MUD that any casual, new, or experienced MUDer (regardless of his or her experience with Final Fantasy) can have tons of fun at. I am a very laid back Admin, and have surprised MANY of the people who have come to build by my administration style. I do expect people to build and to do so well, but I certainly don't expect people to sacrifice other responsibilities or to be work horses. I aim to get to know and befriend everyone that helps make the MUD, and for us to work on the MUD together. I'm looking for people to work with me, not for me.

So, if you might even be remotely interested, please stop by. Familiarity with the games aren't necessary, as I'm a map/screenshot making machine when it comes to any areas we may be planning. Experience building isn't a requirement either, as we will train anyone with potential. If you can write well and have an acceptable grasp of the English language, then come check us out!

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End of Time specific OLC Guide
This is a pure text format at this point and is also available as a 'book' in game. A fully HTML version is coming soon.

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